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World’s Largest Free-standing Aluminum Dome Now Complete at Aqua Sferra Water Park

OAKVILLE, ON - January 15, 2013 - With great fanfare the City of Donetsk, Ukraine opened their long anticipated Aqua Sferra Waterpark on December 21, 2012. The Mayor of Donetsk stated in his opening speech that he and the citizens of Donetsk are very proud to have the largest waterpark of its kind in Europe. Expectations are high for the park to become a major attraction for the residents of Donetsk and promises to increase tourism and growth inthis traditionally industrial area.
The completion of the Aqua Sferra dome marks an exciting milestone in the design of indoor water parks. The sheer magnitude and scale - combined with the ability of the roof to retract – creates a stunning landmark. At 85m (278’) in diameter,covering 5,667m² (61,000ft²), and standing 26m (86’) high, the Aqua Sferra waterparkis enclosed with the largest all aluminum freestanding retractable dome ever constructed. The dome was designed, manufactured and installed by OpenAire of Oakville, Ontario and features four retractable, triangular shaped roof panels measuring 24.4m (80') at the base and 24.4m (80') along the arch. Powered by 16 motors and riding on 432 wheels over 587m (1926’) of track,the massive roof opens in less than 10 minutes bathing the guests of Aqua Sferra with fresh air and sunshine on beautiful sunny days, and providing a comfortable enclosed environment on cold and rainy days.

"From the beginning of this project, OpenAire sought to create an indoor water park environment that was both majestic and awe-inspiring. With the all glazed retracting dome we have achieved that goal. This venue is giving Donetsk great visibility and making this city a desired destination for people in the Ukraine and throughout Europe,” said Mark Albertine, President of OpenAire.

The enclosure is not only beautiful but highly functional as well. The maintenance free all aluminum frame resists the moist chemical atmosphere created by the aquatic environment. With the roof open,hot air and humidity are exhausted naturally thus eliminating the need for mechanical dehumidification. The closed roof creates warming solar gain which offsets some of the required heating during winter time use and with the all glazed nature of the dome, there is no need for additional lighting during daytime hours. All of these features equate to great energy savings.

Evidenced by the long lines and full capacity, the people of Donestk are excited and happy to have this new entertainment venue they can visit in winter and summer regardless of weather.

A video animation demonstrating the dome’s opening roof and retractable capabilities can be viewed here.Images of the Aqua Sferra dome can also be viewed here. Check out our blog!

Mark Albertine, President